We are allowed to say that we are very lucky because of our passion for coffee gave us the opportunity that after opening our coffee shop, our professional curiosity led us to start to study of roasting coffee beans from the spring of 2021. This road means for us the continuous development, experiment and getting more and more experience. It is a very exciting and uplifting feeling that we can follow up on the road of the coffee from being harvested until it arrives into our roastery. To follow up on the origin and the process of the coffee from any place of the word. We can intoduce the terroir and the dominant scent and the taste of the coffee beans and the meximal potential of this fruit. Every baggage has been selected with speacial attention so that everybody will be able to find the perfect character and taste among these items.

The green coffee beans are roasted by a sample roaster, so we can try more and more profile. This step is incredibly important because we would like to discover, to explore that what are the combinations in the roasting and in the process that will make the coffee beans taste the best. At the consecutive cupping - the coffe tasting – we taste and analyze every batch, noticing the scent, the taste and the character.

Together with our existing and new partners, we develop the most suitable flavour profile for them, so we can creat unique coffee concepts together. You can taste and buy our carefully selected coffes in our roastery in Rétság in the café of R Coffee & Roastery, or you can order from our webshop.